Issues and Discussions About Bike Lanes

There are many issues for cyclists when they are riding:
Streetcar stops w/ bike lanes: at the stop, people have a tendency to stand in the bike lane to look and wait for their streetcar, which significantly blocks the cyclists’ path. In addition to an annoyance to have to swerve around the pedestrians and into the road, this can even cause collisions and injuries for pedestrians, cyclists, and possible cars.
When cars are parked or stopped in bike lanes, blocking the cyclists, causing the cyclists to ride into traffic around the car.
Car-door opening (e.g. taxi) and hitting oncoming cyclists. The car would drive into a “pocket” by a bike lane and begin to open the driver’s door – left door – without looking into the rearview mirror. The door opens right into the bike lane, where there could be an oncoming cyclist. Since neither the driver (who didn’t look into the mirror), nor the cyclist (who didn’t expect it) knew beforehand about the situation, the cyclist attempts to stop but cannot and crashes into the door.
Poor pavement or construction, either on the road or specifically on the bike lane. It is very annoying to have to ride on bumps and can slow down the cyclist, making it very inconvenient.
Bike lanes are not everywhere (e.g. none in some parts of Toronto, or only on one side of a street and not the other, without a yellow marking).
Some lanes are too narrow – some cyclists have to maneuver between parked cars, streetcar rails, and other obstacles. This is very dangerous and inconvenient.
Often times when a collision happens on the road, the debris – pieces of tire, glass – is swept into the edges of the road, precisely where the bike lanes are located. This causes a big issue for cyclists as the large pieces obstruct their riding, and pieces of glass/bolts can pierce through the bike tire. Road cleaning is not done often, so the debris will just stay there.


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