Benefits of Bike Lanes – Why We Need Them!

There will always be cyclists. Why not make it safer for them to ride on the road? There are different kinds of markings to better fit the needs of that particular street for cyclists. This means less death and injury, and overall traffic jam/stalling (every time there is a collision, there are police, firemen, and paramedics to the scene, blocking the roads). This also reduces the amount of money (people’s money, not government) spent on getting the car fixed or hospital bills (hoping that is all they need).
In addition, when more bike lanes are created, people have a tendency to be cyclists which has two benefits. One, it means less emission which is better for the Earth. Two, it makes a healthier lifestyle for the cyclists. As well, many of the cyclists that use these bike lanes are regular business people who take bikes to work (rather than sport cyclists that can use their quiet streets or mountain ranges, etc.). So, these people are getting an even bigger benefit by being able to squeeze fitness in with their busy lives. This may be one of the only exercise they can do! An even bigger reason there should be more bike lanes available to people from everywhere, so everyone can have the opportunity. Bike lanes can prevent cars from speeding (especially on quiet streets) as they will be more careful to not hit a cyclist, which will reduce accidents.
Bike lanes even stimulate the local economy! Recent studies have shown that bike lanes have a positive effect on sales, meaning streets with bike lanes get 50% more sales than ones without.
Bike lanes have a positive local, global, and economical impact!


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