Why Bike Lanes Can Be Negative

While bike lanes have many benefits, there are still many problems with them.
Some people believe they are useless, that people who ride their bikes on roads should be able enough to not have extra ‘protection’. The bike lanes do make the roads more narrow, making it harder to maneuver. Some roads even have to take away a lane to make a small bike lane, which can create longer traffic times and traffic jams.
Bike lanes cause turning and crossing conflicts. For example, a car would like to turn right, but there is a bike lane. The cyclist on the bike lane wants to go straight. Now, the car has to be more careful about not accidentally catching the cyclist while turning. As well, some turning roads may have bike lanes on the corner of the street, which means the car has to make an even bigger turn to not get into the bike lane.
Same with general driving. It is more stressful for the driver when there are cyclists riding as they have to be at least a metre away from the cyclist (by law), they are also constantly afraid of catching the cyclists. If there were no bike lanes, the cyclists would just stay to the very edge of the road, and the cars can drive normally. Now, the bike lane allows more freedom for the cyclist and they can ride to the very left of the bike lane.
The thermoplastic coating for bike lane creation releases harmful toxins.
The bike sensors at street lights are (presumably) a pain to install and then dig up if they do not work (which they often don’t), which causes problems for drivers as well.


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