Modern Development of Bike Lanes

As there are sometimes many problems with bike lanes, the local bike riders will voice them, either directly to City Hall, or on other public mediums, such as newspapers or website articles. The Director of Transportation at City Hall can try to do their best to suggest ideas and plans to other transportation departments to improve these bike lanes for the people. Here are some things going on right now to improve bike lanes.
Sewage drainages have changed from being open-curbed to closed. There sometimes used to be a sewage drain with an open slot at the edge for the water to get in easier – this was a problem for cyclists as their wheels would get stuck (it’s the right dimensions!), especially since the drain is at the side of the road, right in the bike lane. We see very little of these now. New streetlights have been created to respond to bicycles and give the cyclists a shorter crossing wait time. So many countries have been creating bike lane projects, like the UK and US, other European countries. In May 2016, a pilot project started where bike lane usage on Bloor Street will be monitored to look at benefits of bike lanes on Bloor Street (evaluation, public feedback) and reported to Council in 2017. Minor improvements will be made in these months (fall of 2016) as the project will continue. The project will examine traffic flow, use of specific parking spaces, efficiency of garbage and emergency services, communication with the residents and users online and public meetings. The economic effects and benefits related to bike lanes will also be studied during the year.


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