Graphs and Statistics .pdf #9: What is your biggest concern about dedicated bike lanes? Cyclist safety: 38% Driver safety: 6% Increased traffic congestion: 16% Parking reductions: 8% Bike lane does not cover entire trip: 32% As we can see from the data, the biggest concerns are cyclist safety and that there are not enough bike lanes! Toronto … More Graphs and Statistics

Bibliography pdf/chapter04.pdf – - 10000071d60f89RCRD –…/vacouver-smithe-street-bike-lane-issues…/bicycling/21-good-reasons-to-mark-bike-lanes. Header Images (Google Image Search): – Graphs from: (table) (pie graphs)

About Bike Lanes

Bike lanes in Toronto have been around for a while now. The first was created around the 1970s: at St.Clair, then Wellesley. It’s not as simple as you may think to create bike lanes. Right-of-way (one way or both way), amount of traffic, connecting to other bike lanes (and routes), parking spaces & needs, specific … More About Bike Lanes

Tying Into Transport

There are multiple points that can be made in regards to transportation: – Bike lanes are a transportation base for bicycles, which are a mode of transportation. – Bike lanes are constantly developing, they are a constant topic for provincial government talks. – Cycling is a very green way of transportation, many people use it … More Tying Into Transport